Our #outofcomfortpeople

We are a brand created for and inspired by people that dare to step out of their comfort zone. We gathered some of the people surrounding us that inspire us in different ways and asked them what this meant to them.

Cesar Flova: owner of clothing brand OCELOTE.
...to evolve, adapt, to regenerate, transcend..

Sofia Hanhausen: PR.
find your self confidence, know and own your worth

Daniela Gonzalez: fashion designer.
..to let go of stereotypes and just be yourself

Suzzan Atala: founder and creative director of TUZA.
for me it is very important to feel that uncomfortabillity that pushes me to do more each day

'Chino' Raul Castilla: co-founder of OUTOFCOMFORT and stylist.
the more you feel like yourself the more you are stepping out of your comfort zone. You are getting rid a ton of barriers that needed to disappear in order for you to really be yourself

Maria Murillo: co-founder of OUTOFCOMFORT.
...for me it’s more about an act of knowing yourself and breaking your personal barriers

Pau and Pamy Rangel: from DNA MAGAZINE
Pau: to do what i am passionate about without fear of what other people think
Pamy: to reinvent myself each day

Mar Carbonell
it's constant change... if the world is changing i also want to change with it

Monse Castera: editor, promotor and creative consultant.
stepping out of my comfort zone is being in constant movement and search. That is what really helps me achieve my goals

Medugory Moreno: brand experience designer and partner at TROCADERO MUSIC.
to be constantly learning and experimenting new things with no fear for the new

Thank you to all the people that keep inspiring by stepping away from their confort zone each day.

Photography: Rodrigo Alvarez